Council supports Net Neutrality Pledge

At the April 10 Council meeting, the City Council voted to support and sign the Net Neutrality Pledge, reported a press release from the mayor’s office The action is in response to the FCC’s unpopular 2017 decision to strip internet users of Net Neutrality protections. In addition to this initiative by mayors, a congressional resolution of disapproval has gained hundreds of co-sponsors in the House and Senate and dozens of states are weighing legislation to restore Net Neutrality protections.

The pledge states:  “Over the past two decades, cities have increased their presence on the internet to provide information and services to constituents. In that time, conducting business online has gone from a luxury to a necessity. Cities have come to rely on the internet with the assurance that a service provider will deliver a resident’s request for government content just the same as they deliver any other content. The Federal Communications Commission’s recent repeal of its Open Internet order violates that principle. Cities cannot allow private internet service providers to be the gatekeeper between our residents and the local government services on which they depend every day.”