St. Paul girls tennis sweeps up competition

BRISTOL – The St. Paul Catholic tennis team swept the competition last week as the program defeated both Crosby and Seymour in Naugatuck Valley League action.

The Falcons competed in its third and fourth matches on the season, battling Crosby on Wednesday, April 11 and traveling to Seymour two days later for another conference bout.

The sweep resulted in a 3-1 overall record for the Falcons as the program won three straight matches.

Against Crosby, the squad from Waterbury ended up forfeiting all its doubles encounters and had little success in singles play.

Grace Carabetta, Orenda Huang, Lucy Min and Emily Esposito all saw court time and helped the home team to a 7-0 victory from Dewitt Page Park in Bristol.

In the top spot of the match, Carabetta turned away Crosby’s Siaan Rosado 8-2 while Huang, in the number two spot, easily defeated Destiny Selph by an 8-0 push.

In the third singles’ slot, Min beat Kayla McDonald 8-2; and at the No. 4 singles position, Esposito upended Edalynn Torres 8-3.

In doubles play, the combinations of Victoria Kilbourne and Katie Pauloz Lizzie Etter and Caroline Badel and Violet Rodriguez along with Alexis Carabetta won via forfeit.

And then on Friday, April 13, the Falcons were 6-1 winners on the road in Seymour.

This time around, Kilbourne defeated Allison Kogut 8-1 while Pauloz was also an 8-1 victor by sinking Claudia Iacomacci.

Badal was able to overcome Zana Imetovski in the third singles match, 8-6; and Ximena Varela-Marin tuned away Grace Manente 8-1 to wrap up a clean singles sweep.

In doubles play, the number one Falcons’ duo of Etter and Carabetta defeated Molly Schiffer and Rachel Moon 8-1 before Seymour finally got on the scoreboard.

The No. 2 team of Kaelyn Brezina-Kyra Bernor held on to beat Huang and Gillian Winegar by a 8-5 final.

And in the third and final doubles’ spot of the match, Rodriguez and Carabetta earned an 8-0 win over Seymour’s Ariana Deljanin and Erin Smith.

This coming Friday, the St. Paul Catholic squad travels to Woodland for a huge NVL encounter while the following Monday, the Falcons are in Waterbury for a date against Wilby.

Both those meets commence at 3:45 p.m.

On Thursday, April 26, the team is back in action against Ansonia from Dewitt Page Park in Bristol.

NOTES…Page Park was gifted to the city of Bristol DeWitt and May Rockwell Page in 1933. DeWitt Page was president of New Departure Manufacturing Company and was a major benefactor to the city of Bristol. So the park on King Street can also be referred to as Dewitt Page Park.


from Dewitt Page Park, Bristol

Singles: Grace Carabetta (SPC) def. Siaan Rosado, 8-2; Orenda Huang (SPC) def. Destiny Selph, 8-0; Lucy Min (SPC) def. Kayla McDonald, 8-2; Emily Esposito (SPC) def. Edalynn Torres, 8-3.

Doubles: Victoria Kilbourne-Katie Pauloz (SPC) won by forfeit; Lizzie Etter-Caroline Badel (SPC) won by forfeit; Violet Rodriguez-Alexis Carabetta (SPC) won by forfeit.

Records: St. Paul Catholic 2-1 overall


from Seymour high school

Singles: Victoria Kilbourne (SP) def. Allison Kogut, 8-1; Katie Pauloz (SP) def. Claudia Iacomacci, 8-1; Caroline Badel (SP) def. Zana Imetovski, 8-6; Ximena Varela-Marin (SP) def. Grace Manente, 8-1; Doubles: Lizzie Etter-Grace Carabetta (SP) def. Molly Schiffer-Rachel Moon, 8-1; Kaelyn Brezina-Kyra Bernor (S) def. Orenda Huang-Gillian Winegar, 8-5; Violet Rodriguez-Alexis Carabetta (SP) def. Ariana Deljanin-Erin Smith, 8-0.

Records: St. Paul Catholic 3-1 overall; Seymour 1-4.,