Martin calls for return of $2 million in funds for Veterans’ Home

State Senator Henri Martin (R-31) joined leaders of state veterans’ organization in calling for the reinstatement of $2 million in funding to the state’s Veterans’ Home in Rocky Hill.

“I am proud that it has been a bipartisan effort to provide the funding necessary to keep the Veterans’ Home in Rocky Hill and the Levitow Healthcare Center open,” Martin said reported a press release. “These facilities provide much needed care to members of our armed forces who have given so much for our country. Veterans who have received care at these facilities include recipients of the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, Medals of Valor, Purple Heart, and the Combat Infantry Badge. Some simply served honorably. Because of the sacrifice of these soldiers, we have the freedom to sleep in peace at night, the freedom to pursue happiness, and the liberty to pray.”

According to the press release from Senate Republicans, statewide veterans organizations called the April 24 press conference to call for restoration of funding that had been cut in the state’s budget.

As Co-Chair of the legislature’s Veterans Affairs Committee, the press release reported Martin said he worked with his Republican and Democrat colleagues on the committee to propose legislation to restore the $2 million in funding. He said the money is necessary for the Veterans’ Home to provide the services and care that ill and less fortunate veterans need.

“Our veterans sacrifice so much for our country and often come home with physical, mental, and emotional scars that stay with them for years,” he said, according to the press release. “Providing proper care for them after all they have done for us is the very least that we can do.”