Best senior Wii bowlers converge on Bristol for competition



Senior Center members from across the state congregated May 4 at the Douglas A. Beals Senior Center to compete in the annual Wii Bowling Tournament.

The Bristol Lucky Strikes, five time reigning champions, were joined by teams from Avon, Canton, Cromwell, East Hartford, East Windsor, Glastonbury, Middlewood, Plainville, Prospect, Rocky Hill, Torrington, and the Village Gators of Farmington.

Howard Achille has been a Lucky Strikes team member since its establishment about eight years ago. Achille said he and some friends happened upon the game one day, and just started to play.

“We stopped in and five of us just started throwing. It took two years to get good though,” said Achille. “Bristol is very good.”

“Howard, Richard, and the rest of the team got me interested,” said Mary Lund. She said Richard, her teammate, first taught her how to play, and that it took her about a year to “be good.”

Patty Tomascak and Jason Krueger, the executive and assistant directors, respectively, said there are 30 members on the Lucky Strike in-house league team, about 16 on their inter-community league, and three were about eight players in Friday’s tournament.

“Jason and I have been here working for five years, and the Wii was a big thing here when we started,” said Tomascak. “We started small in-house, and we did some leagues once we got the seniors interested and playing it we had a nice big group, we did an in-house league just within our senior center. We had a lot of people, we were having a lot of fun with it, they would play their games every week, we have a big party at the end of the season, and it was just a lot of fun.”

Tomascak said there are about 15 teams in the statewide league. They play each other all year, and culminates with the state tournament. Those same participants are invited to compete in the individual tournament, hosted in the Winter.

“One of the areas that seemed to be kind of growing real quick was the Wii bowling. They had told me that they had just kind of gone to different facilities in the past and played other teams so, I put some feelers out for other teams and it’s kind of snowballed from there,” said Krueger. “We had 12 teams last year, we got 15 teams this year, so it’s starting to pick up some steam now. It’s great, we get to see other facilities, we get to hang out with awesome people and have a good time.”

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Linda Yurkunas of the Bristol team competes in the Wii bowling championship held at the Bristol Senior Center last Friday. (JANELLE MORELLI PHOTO)