Meet SPCHS’s valedictorian



Fulvio Aliberti was named valedictorian for the class of 2018, graduating for St. Paul Catholic High School.

Aliberti, a Windsor Locks native, said he was able to make friends easily, and as his high school career progressed he learned more about his classmates, giving the credit to how St. Paul runs their school, and the community feeling that surrounds the students.

During his four years at St. Paul, Aliberti was a member of the cross country and golf teams. He also participated in student government, the mission club, the morning production SPTV, he also did electrical work in a club called SPLATT, and was a member of the National Honor Society.

“We get our rankings the summer between junior and senior year, and then they’re updated throughout the year,” said Aliberti.

While he technically knew that he would be valedictorian, he wasn’t sure he would keep the top rank for the entire year.

“I mean, I figured I could lose, but, it was a nice surprise, I guess, that I didn’t lose it,” said Aliberti. “I would have been happy, really, anywhere because I know that I work hard enough, so, I’m going to succeed as long as I put my hardest into it, so, I wouldn’t say that I was like, ‘Let’s go! Number one!’ I was happy for myself that it paid off.”

Aliberti offered some advice to students who are in high school, as well as those starting in the Fall.

“If you’re just going into high school, I would say, don’t be afraid to try new things, and be organized. Make sure that you set up times or a schedule that you know is going to work for you. Do enough things, but don’t overfill your schedule so you won’t have enough time to study, because, although in the beginning it may not seem as important, when you’re a junior and looking at colleges, it’s going to be a big deal,” said Aliberti.

Aliberti will head to Georgetown University in the fall, where he plans to study business, in the hopes of one day becoming the CFO of a company.

St. Paul Catholic High School’s valedictorian Fulvio Aliberti (JANELLE MORELLI PHOTO)