Fire report for Sept. 21

The Bristol Fire Department reported the following incidents:

Sept. 7

228 Pine St., lock-out.

34 Farmington Ave., lock-out.

38 Barlow St., alarm system sounded due to malfunction.

Sept. 8

1232 Farmington Ave., gasoline or other flammable liquid spill.

42 Century Dr., detector activation, no fire—unintentional.

Sept. 9

210 Village St., assist police or other governmental agency.

Maple Street, vehicle accident, general cleanup.

542 Jerome Ave., power line down.

126 Metro St., chimney or flue fire, confined to chimney or flue.

55 Gaylord St., dispatched and cancelled en route.

274 Middle St., lock-out.

Peck Lane, electrical wiring/ equipment problem, other.

44 Adna Rd., good intent call, other.

Sept. 10

101 Jacobs St., smoke dector activation due to malfunction.

13 Chestnut St., smoke detector activation, no fire.

62 Davis Dr., power line down.

90 Boardman St., water or steam leak.

284 North Main St., medical assist, assist EMS crew.

Sept. 11

1444 Farmington Ave., alarms system sounded due to malfunction.

42 Century Dr., alarm system activation, no fire- unintentional.

363 North Main St., chemical spill or leak.

55 Gaylord St., smoke detector activation, no fire.

Riverside Avenue and Middle Street, vehicle accident, general cleanup.

62 John Ave., lock-out.

28 Stafford Ave., service call, other.

65 Cypress St., steam, vapor, fog or dust thought to be smoke.

638 Wolcott Rd., CO detector activation due to malfunction.

150 Burton St., system malfunction, other.

Sept. 12

50 Emmett St., system malfunction, other.

467 Farmington Ave., alarm system activation, no fire—unintentional.

529 Emmett St., vehicle accident, general cleanup.

47 Genovese Dr., power line down.

25 Ohio Dr., power line down.

169 Chapel St.

48 Putnam St., power line down.

156 Enterprise Dr.

273 Riverside Ave., outside equipment fire.

Vance Road, unauthorized burning.

Sept. 13

131 North Main St., hazmat release investigation with no hazmat.

120 Farmington Ave., detector activation, no fire- unintentional.

Round Hill Road and Rossi Drive, good intent call, other.

18 Hobson Ave., good intent call, other.

146 Enterprise Dr., Forestville.

43 Main St., lock-out.

416 Park St., lock-out.

470 Farmington Ave., motor vehicle accident with injuries.

156 Enterprise Dr, Forestville.

North Main Street and Center Street, vehicle accident, general cleanup.