Bristol bucked statewide trend on Election Day

Debbie Gaity, left, checks in at the registrar on Election Day, Nov. 6, at Bristol Eastern High School.



n the 2018 elections, the state of Connecticut voted in Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz as governor and lieutenant governor, respectively. But, not all of the statewide results matched what Bristol voters were thinking.

Of the 34,987 eligible voters in Bristol, 62.38 percent voted, roughly 21,824 people, according to the Secretary of State website. In the last gubernatorial election, November 2014, roughly 56 percent of eligible voters participated, and in the 2016 Presidential election, roughly 77.67 percent of eligible voters participated, according to election records kept by the city.

While Lamont and Bysiewicz garnered 47.15 percent of statewide votes, the opponents, Bob Stefanowski and Joe Markley received 50.93 percent of the votes in Bristol.

Bristol voters aligned with statewide votes in electing Chris Murphy to serve as U.S. Senator. Murphy garnered 50.51 percent of votes in Bristol, and 55.99 percent of votes statewide. Similarly, Connecticut and Bristol voters elected Denise Merrill as secretary of state, Kevin Lembo as comptroller, and William Tong as attorney general.

Andrew Howe, Victoria Passmore, and Councilor Dave Mills campaign for the Republican candidates outside of Bristol Eastern High School last Tuesday.

To serve as state treasurer, Connecticut voters elected Shawn Wooden, who received 51.58 percent of the votes. In Bristol, Thad Gray received the most votes, at 63.05 percent.

Bristol selected John Larson to represent the first Congressional district, Henri Martin as state senator of the 31st district, Cara Pavalock-D’Amato as state representative in the 77th district, Whit Betts as state representative in the 78th district, and Chris Ziogas as state representative in the 79th district.

Running unopposed, and thus elected in Bristol, were Andre Dorval as judge of probate court 19, Kevin McCauley as Democratic registrar, and Sharon Krawiecki as Republican registrar.