Bristol voters share thoughts about Election Day issues



Bristol residents made their ways to one of 10 polling locations to cast their votes in the 2018 election, and took time to share their thoughts.

Joe Krolikowski, moderator at Mountain View, said his polling location saw approximately 200 people be hour, because it was an “important election.”

Moderator at the Chippens Hill location Dina Mazzone said she saw close to “30 percent” of the area voters in the “first five hours,” and that many of those voters were young people. This, she said she believes, is because the people are looking for change, and they want to have a say in that change. The issues that helped her form her decision were the economy, the pension system, job availability, and the young people who continue to move out of state in search of jobs.

The issues that were important to voter, Lauren Palmer, were job availability, healthcare, and education. She hoped her vote would help make Connecticut more “small business friendly,” and that it would help bring more jobs to the state.

Bob Thomas hoped his vote would help “keep taxes under control,” and was concerned by the “direction of the country.”

Jeff Dahn was more concerned with statewide issues than Bristol-specific ones, and was hoping his vote could bring a better fiscal scenario. He felt that Bristol was in good shape, and hopes the city can keep up the momentum.

At the South Side School polls, assistant registrar, Marissa Mazzone, said there had been a steady stream of voters. “Midterm elections play a big part,” said Mazzone, who thought the voters were ready for a change.

And Mazzone was correct, as voter Adele Bancroft said she wants her vote to bring “lots of change,” at the state and municipal level.

Diana Torres said she hoped for change and her vote was influenced by the topics of tolls and taxes.