New building official appointed by mayor






The City Council met on Tuesday, Aug. 13, and approved several appointments, including Thomas Lozier as chief building official.


The mayor’s appointment will see Lozier as the chief building official for the city as of Thursday, Aug. 22. He will serve for a four-year term through August 2023. Lozier is replacing Guy Morin, who retired this month.

Lozier explained that he was first hired by the City in April 1990 in the building maintenance division, where he worked as a maintenance custodial person for 18 years. In that time, he gained experience with various departments and personnel. About eight years ago, he began working in the Bristol Development Authority, and eventually returned to school to achieve his building official’s certificate.

“Here I am 30 years later, appointed as the building official. If you work hard and you keep your nose to the grindstone, you can really make things happen,” said Lozier. “I thank you for the kind words, and I thank my family for the support over the years, and I really appreciate this appointment.”

During the council meeting, a spotlight was shone on the Friends of the Bristol Public Library.

One member of the group, Roseann Chatfield, shared a portion of the organization’s constitution.

“The purpose of the Friends shall be to maintain the organization of persons interested in the good library service and in books, to increase the facilities and services of the Bristol Public library, and thus to enrich the cultural opportunities available to the citizens of Bristol and Forestville,” said Chatfield.

In the beginning, the Friends of the Library was a small group of Bristol citizens that was interested in supporting the library, and in “further enhancing their own personal growth.” They did so by holding programs that covered a wide range of topics, such as gardening, positive

thinking, and talks given by authors.

“Since 2008, the focus of the Friends has changed,” said Chatfield. “Now, our primary goal is to provide funds to the library so the staff can research and plan programs that enrich the cultural opportunities available to the citizens of Bristol and Forestville.”

The Friends, said Chatfield, are proud of the mini grant program they started, which helps to fund eight special programs each year. The funds are also used to satisfy library staff wish lists for equipment.