New electronic sign placed at St. Paul

The City of Bristol announced this week the installation of an additional electronic sign at St. Paul Catholic High School, bringing the total number of signs throughout the city to five.  Beginning in 1999, these signs were purchased by local businessman and entrepreneur Craig Yarde as a way to help market Bristol and promote local events and important information throughout the Bristol community.  The five signs now include the newest one located on Stafford Avenue at St. Paul Catholic High School, on King Street in front of Bristol Eastern High School, on Wolcott Street in front of Bristol Central High School, on Farmington Avenue in front of Chili’s restaurant, and on the corner of Rt. 6 and Clark Avenue. All five signs are managed by the City of Bristol. ‘I feel that you can’t communicate enough to the citizens of Bristol,” stated Craig Yarde in a press release. ‘These electronic signs enable the nonprofit organizations to utilize this free marketing service to help market Bristol.’ ‘We greatly appreciate the generosity of Craig Yarde, as well as his enthusiasm in promoting Bristol,’ stated Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu in the news release. Messages for each of the five signs is available to all nonprofit and local civic groups who would like to take advantage of this free marketing service. The guidelines for using these signs to help promote local organizations’ events and happenings can be found and downloaded from the Electronic Sign Message Submission page of Seen here are Craig Yarde, Mayor Ellen-Zoppo-Sassu, and the principal of St. Paul Catholic High School, Cary Dupont.