Betts opposes ‘truck only’ tolls


State Rep. Whit Betts has voiced his opposition to the latest toll plans.

“Governor Ned Lamont and legislative Democrats are rumored to hold a special session to vote on ‘trucks only/ tolls in a matter of days, despite the 2020 Legislative Session set to begin on Wednesday, Feb. 5,” said Betts, the Republican whose district includes a part of Bristol.

“It’s absurd to think that thousands of taxpayer dollars will be wasted by calling legislators into a special session with nearly two weeks left before the regular session starts. An entire year went by with no action to vote on tolls, but now with two weeks before session starts the urgency sets in. Where is the sense in that?,” said Betts in a press release.

“A special session to vote on tolls would unnecessarily waste taxpayer dollars. Not to mention that there would be no time allotted for a public hearing, which is a critical component of the legislative process designed to get public input.  Instead, the tactic used by Governor Lamont and legislative Democrats to implement tolls is to just irresponsibly push it through and figure it out later,” said Betts.

“There needs to be more transparency in government, but i’s maneuvers like this that have made taxpayers distrustful of state government – and rightfully so. ‘Trucks only’ tolls are not the answer to improving our state’s infrastructure and will eventually lead to cars and trucks being tolled,” said Betts.

“Although surrounding states have implemented tolls, they now face lawsuits for doing so. Rhode Island is being sued for implementing ‘trucks only’ tolls, and still this same concept is being pushed in Connecticut. I cannot stand by and support this type of reckless government, which completely disregards the taxpayers of this state – both their opinion and their wallet,” said Betts.