Letters: Councilor glad Laura Bartok running in 77th


To the editor:

I have known Laura Bartok for a number of years. She is a smart practical young woman dedicated to public service. Over four years ago when my local Democratic friends were talking about possible candidates for our state legislature, Bartok was at the top of my list. She was impressive then and she was not yet 28. I couldn’t be happier that she is running this year.

One of the issues that Laura has focused on in her conversations this election season is education. She has pointed out that Bristol is the 12th largest school district in the state but the 18th lowest funded per student. Bartok has also pointed out that Bristol hasn’t had representation on the Education Committee at the legislature in eight years. That committee is responsible for educational funds that come to our communities. Bartok is ready to serve on the Educational Committee and make sure Bristol gets our fair share of education dollars, the resources we should be expecting as a large urban community.

With the recent Superior Court decision regarding changes to state educational spending, it is more important that ever that Bristol has a voice at the table.

We are an urban community with a diverse student population. We need to provide the best possible education for all our students. Education that meets each student’s needs and develops their highest potential is the key to their future. But, it is also the key to all our futures. Children who learn the skills to obtain fulfilling jobs and to be engaged citizens assure a bright future for Bristol.

Bartok understands the challenges facing Bristol and our state. With education as a primary focus, she has her priorities straight and she will hit the ground running as a great advocate for Bristol in our state legislature. Please vote Laura Bartok for state representative in the 77th district.

Mary Fortier

City Council