Letters: Reader says learn from lessons of past regarding Trump


To the editor:

Beware of electing Donald Trump. Any candidate that is endorsed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party should not be allowed to be our president.

As a student of history please consider the following facts of World history.

With this in mind I came upon a rather chilling comparison that if the American people don’t heed what happened in the past may just repeat itself with dire consequences in the present.

In the 1920s in post-war Germany during the Weimar Republic era, Hitler was a renegade politician who was captivating political rallies with telling the people what they wanted to hear. In fact, Hitler brought the subject of feeding the public lies and as stated in his book “Mein Kampf” that if you repeat the lies often enough it becomes the truth.

Donald Trump does the same thing as Hitler did. He spreads his word in mass rallies just as Hitler did. And at these rallies there is no tolerance for criticism. If there is they are quickly bounced from the rally by force with Trump yelling intolerantly at the intruder. Much like the rallies Hitler conducted and tolerated no opposition with his ever faithful Brown Shirts.

Remember Hitler came to power democratically without a majority quorum. Once in power, he basically disabled the Reichstag and thus ended the Weimar Republic with having the Reichstag passing the Enabling Act. With the Enabling Act Hitler declared dictatorial powers that lasted 12 years and brought forth the greatest war the world has ever known.

Beware the lessons of history.

Richard C. Geschke