Letters: Reader won’t support another Nicastro


To the editor:

I was appalled to receive a letter paid for by Mike Nicastro’s campaign for the State Senate.

It was written by his brother Frank endorsing Mike’s candidacy.

It touts Frank Nicastro supposedly, “worked hard to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe and help older adults enjoy their golden years living in their own homes,” and Mike Nicastro would help seniors the same way.

Watch out.

I ask why is the Nicastro team so ignorant as to send this letter to the Dudko family?

My mother is Mary Bugryn Dudko. The same Bugryn family Frank ousted from their  homes and property on Middle Street by eminent domain against their wishes.

Today it’s the site of the still half empty Southeast Bristol Business Park adjacent to the ESPN North Campus.

My father was then “vulnerable,” dying of terminal cancer and my parents, aunts and uncles wanted to live out  “their golden years” in their own homes. They were in their 80s, lived there for six decades, law abiding and always paid all of their taxes on time.

Please, no more phony mailings from the Nicastro campaign.

We do not need another tax and spend Democrat to help Governor Dannel Malloy’s agenda of dipping into your wallets and pocketbooks for needless projects.

I will not be voting for Mike Nicastro. I will be voting for State Senator Henri Martin and I urge you to do the same.  He’s done a great job so far.

Another Nicastro in office will hurt seniors and simply take more money out of your pocket and maybe your home.

Ed Dudko