Candidate Martin responds to criticism


To the editor:


I was recently criticized for standing with Dr. Bill Petit, who was maliciously attacked by a partisan Political Action Committee. The entire 31st State Senate District Republicans have partnered to bring about change and present common sense “Solutions to Fix Connecticut.” We remain focused on opposing partisan policies enacted by Governor Malloy and his Democratic Party allies that have put Connecticut at the bottom of nearly every fiscal category.

I am committed to running a positive campaign and have held true to my word. My opponent has accused me of “sleazy, gutter politics” following a mailer sent to voters showing a picture of him with Governor Dannel Malloy. I can categorically state that neither I nor my campaign had anything to do with the postcard sent by the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

Regarding the SRCC piece, I stand behind the intent of the piece. The fact is my opponent has relied on Democratic Party leaders to raise funds for his campaign throughout the summer. These same leaders are responsible for implementing the disastrous Malloy policies that have negatively affected Connecticut and led to the two largest tax increases in state history.

At the same time, my opponent hired an expensive Washington DC advertising firm  to attack my character, misrepresent, and even outright lie about my record. Unlike the SRCC postcard my opponent keeps referencing, the facts show that his negative flyers were personally approved by him.

As we enter the final days of the campaign, our Republican team stands focused on issues that will restore fiscal strength to our great state. With less than a week to go to the election, I am committed to taking our positive message directly to the voters.

State Senator Henri Martin (R-31)