Letter: Reader says nation being set up for collapse


To the editor:
Increasingly, the citizens of this nation are using automated services to take care of their needs. Bills are being paid by financial institutions. For those with savings, the funds are invested by a financial advisor. A broad variety of goods can be bought without leaving your home and with no human intervention. Communicate with a computer, give it your credit card number and wait for the goods to be delivered to your door. 
We have become oblivious to the shuffling of our finances. In many instances, there are those who don’t even check to see if the outlay of funds match what was actually purchased. Our complete trust is placed into the workings of computer automation or the hands of faceless, behind the scenes humans.
Even beyond the expenditure of funds, how many times do we download a file off the computer and when the question arises about agreeing with the terms and conditions, it is checked off with no hesitation. The list of categories that include fine print terms and conditions is endless. We have, in numerous ways, lost control of our lives.
What if the organizations controlling these mechanisms took advantage of this condition and while we felt all was well, we were actually falling deeply into debt and that we had signed off that there was no legal protection whatsoever. The organization might have been advising you of these conditions in the fine print, but who reads the fine print? 
One day there is a knock on your door and you are advised that you must pay up or lose everything you own. No reputable financial institution will grant a loan as your credit rating is at the bottom of the barrel. You are at the mercy of the loan sharks if you are going to survive. Sounds ridiculous?
Actually this is only one click away from where we are. The United States of America is deeply in debt. The $18 trillion is too big a number to grasp, but what puts the concerns in greater perspective is that the debt increases another $2.4 billion each day. It is the nation’s greatest threat. These figures should be on the lead of every TV and radio newscast and the headline of every newspaper every day. It’s only in the fine print.
Every man, woman, and child owes more than $56,000, or the average family owes $175,000. This is owed to those who have loaned the funds to the USA. They include China, the nation with one of the worst human rights records in history. Other loan sharks include OPEC, which includes Iran an openly hostile nation of the US. One might question how much of these funds are ending up in support of ISIS. One might also speculate what their pound of flesh might be in collecting the funds.
If you feel that your government will protect you, remember that the only significant cuts in spending that are being made in this country are to the military, while millions are being sent to foreign countries in interest payments that they can use to make their military stronger. We are becoming increasingly vulnerable every day.
Instead of attempting to stop the financial bleeding, more is being spent on illegal immigration costs and a host of new social services that have no precedent. We are deeply in debt and our president is now proposing to spend more on college costs. When is this spending insanity going to stop? 
Millions spent on unearned social issues and pork barrel projects are weakening the nation and making us weak. Contact your legislators and the president – tell them to keep our military strong but reduce our debt. A sinister outside force couldn’t have done a better job of setting this nation up for collapse than what we have done to ourselves. 
Bob Lagasse