Letters: Dr. Petit makes final campaign pitch


To the editor:

Since I began running for state representative, I’ve made it my mission to talk to as many people in our district as possible, whether that is at their doors, at events like Pumpkin Fest, the Latin Festival or just when I bump into them on the street. I introduce myself, talk about some of the ideas I have for this state, and then I almost always ask the same question, “What is your biggest concern about what’s going on at the state level here in Connecticut?”

People have given varied answers, but they mostly revolve around the same thing – they do not like the direction this state is going, whether that is in regard to taxes, to spending, to education funding, to business regulations, or a whole list of other concerns. I’ve heard time and time again, “It’s time for a change.”

These conversations reinforced my reasoning as to why I decided to run — I did not like the direction in which our state is heading, and I wanted to make a difference. We are all fortunate to live in this great state, but we need to make long-term structural changes to the way the state does business to turn Connecticut around.

If you, too, are ready for a change, please consider supporting me on Nov. 8.


William A. Petit, Jr. MD