Letters: Reader says incumbent in 77th playing ‘gutter politics’


To the Editor:

Recently, I saw a mailer from Cara Pavalock that claimed her opponent, Laura Bartok, is closely aligned with Governor Dannel. She also implied it with her closing statement at the debate last week labeling her as just “another voice for Malloy.” This implication is based solely on an opinion and can in no way be substantiated. And that mailer she sent out? It was paid for by the State Republicans. This use of gutter politics raises big concerns. This was one of her typical partisan talking points. Labeling Laura Bartok like that is simply false at the very least.

Bartok earned a bachelor’s degree in social work as well as a master’s degree in social work with a focus on policy and aging, so she understands the challenges that seniors are facing on a regular basis. Instead of merely showing up for photo opportunities like Pavalock, Bartok knows what veterans are dealing with because her own brother is serving active duty as a major in the Marine Corps.

This offensive attack ignores who she is and what she was already able to accomplish. It is very disconcerting that Pavalock would run such a negative campaign. Laura is positive, hard-working, ethical, thoughtful and has years of experience of working with legislative issues at the capitol. This mailer tries to imply that Bartok is not who she is, a woman ready for elected office with unique experiences and qualifications.

In 2015, her first session at the capitol, Pavalock voted overwhelmingly – more than 90 percent – with her own party. I’ve had enough of the same partisan politics. If we want a real voice for the 77th district representing us in Hartford who is willing the cross the aisle for what’s best, the choice is clear: vote Laura Bartok for State Representative on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Laura Minor