Church youth group holds hunger awareness event




From last Friday to Saturday night, the Grace Baptist Church youth group participated in a 30 hour famine to promote hunger awareness.

The youths spent the night at the church along with their youth pastor, with nothing to eat, and only water to drink. The adults also participated in the fast.

“I just started being religious. It’s fun, and the youth group makes it easier,” said Erin Waters, 11. “When I get home I am probably going to be stuffed from the soup, but I might still be snacking.”


Sofia Jones, 11, said she ate her last meal before fasting at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, March 6, and she was full until 4 p.m. that afternoon. She said she decided to draw, and play Roblox to pass the time, and keep her mind off of her hunger.

The participants in the hunger awareness event at Grace Baptist Church.

“I told one of my friends, and she was like, wow, that’s going to be hard. I was like, I know,” said Jones.

Cassidee Knapik was a member of the youth group in the past, and had participated in the fast then. This year, she attended the event as a volunteer to help the current youth group members, and she also went without eating during the event. A college student now, she said that the fast did take her out of her college meal routine, so she had to learn to adjust.

When the fast ended at 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 7, everyone combined the soup that they had chosen to bring with them to the church, and they all ate their first meal after fasting together. The church has raised $2,643.05 so far, exceeding their goal of $2300, so soon the church leaders will be sporting purple hair since that was the wager they made with the youth group if they met their goal.

The church is still accepting donations. Checks should be made out to World Vision and sent to Grace Baptist Church, 736 Kings Street, Bristol. Donations are also accepted online via the website link on the youth group’s Facebook page, Grace Baptist Youth Group.