From Public Works regarding snow removal


The following press release has been issued from Public Works.

The City of Bristol Public Works Department has been working diligently to clear city streets in the aftermath of this major winter storm.


Due to the depth of the snow and driving winds, snow removal equipment has been unable to sustain operations for the length of time required to complete clearing of roadways.


Forces have been at work intermittently since the start of the storm, but have been hampered in their efforts.


Public Works employees and contractors will return Sunday morning to attempt to continue snow removal operations throughout the city. Completion of all snow operations may take up to a week.


As wind speeds decrease, and the air temperature increases, we hope to make greater progress and open roads for safe passage as much as possible.


Bristol’s on street parking ban also remains in effect.


Public Works appreciates your patience and cooperation as we work to create safe passage on Bristol’s streets.