Plainville cheerleaders take a victory lap with a halftime show during the boys basketball game on Feb 18. The team recently captured their fourth straight CCC title.

The Plainville cheerleading squad took home the CCC Southern Region championship and the grand champion title for the fourth year in a row in the CCC league competition held at Berlin High School on Saturday Feb 15.

Head coach Amber Fitzpatrick in her fourth year at the helm along with assistant coach Tauri Spencer started assembling the cast of this year’s team shortly after guiding the Blue Devils to their first co-ed state championship last May 2019.

“There is no doubt, you need to be fully committed in order to achieve the success we have had year after year,” said Fitzpatrick. “From the first tryouts in May the athletes are held to high expectations, that includes their level of effort, attendance, grades and sportsmanship.”

Coach Fitzpatrick has created a culture of excellence both on and off the court and it shows by the achievement of winning the state championship last year and being the CCC Grand Champion four years running.

“To succeed at anything there needs to be a passion,” said Fitzpatrick. “You have to love it in order to meet the level of commitment needed in this sport. We are basically training for a whole year, with several months of preparation then attending every football game followed by the basketball season.”

Plainville outscored the five teams in the Southern Region finishing first with a score of 84.25, Berlin was second at 60.1 and Platt was third at 53.35. The Blue Devils took the Grand Championship outscoring Northern champion Wethersfield (71.9), Eastern champion South Windsor (80.3) and Western champion Northwest Catholic (70.2).

“You don’t ever get over the nerves or anxiety that competition brings,” said Fitzpatrick. “Especially when these kids hold themselves to a higher standard in a championship like this.”

“However, once the music starts the adrenaline takes over and all that other stuff just melts away. That feeling is the best for them and it’s a huge reason why they love to cheer.”

The 19 member team is led by senior captains Olivia Haddad and Heather Arduini along with senior Angel Wren. All-Conference and All-State juniors Andrew Wojcik and Isabelle Berube and All-Conference junior Caitlyn Quilter team up with juniors Delaney Beausoleil and Lauryn Guardarrama to form a solid group of leaders for the teams 11 underclassman.

The Blue Devils may be young but they are a talented group that includes All Conference and All-State sophomores Alexis Demaine and Alexis McCarty along with sophomores Emily Fagan, Isabella Ruffini and Whitney Southall. All-State freshman Seth Anderson and freshman Kaelynn Arocho, Ngoc Barnett, Kendall Hall, Ashley Isaacs and Isabella Saturski round out the team of champions.

“You definitely need to have strong leaders to be successful,” said Fitzpatrick. “We are very fortunate to have those qualities not only in our captains and upperclassman, but in every member of the team. We have a great group and we all share the same goal.”

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The Blue Devils captured their fourth consecutive conference title on Feb. 15.