Bristol Tech shows off student options

Alison Willette, a first-year culinary student at Bristol Technical Education Center, welcomes visitors to the school’s cafeteria and restaurant, Bistro, during a recent open house.

An open house was held recently at the Bristol Technical Education Center.

Classes at the school at 431 Minor Rd. teach students automotive, culinary, and machinery skills. The school is for students in grades 11 and 12, and adult learners with a high school diploma or GED.

Christopher Heun is a precision machining technology instructor. In his class students use machines, and computer technology to build parts. “Anything that’s manufactured, anything that exists, everything you own is made with something, or made itself. We make tools that make things,” said Heun.

“Everything that exists is manufactured. There’s so many of these jobs out there,” said Heun. ”There’s hundreds and hundreds of vacant jobs. It’s a skilled trade. If you don’t know how to operate one, we can’t employ you, but if you can learn… I’m a firm believer anyone can learn this.”

Heun said he has 30 students, and seven of them are doing work- based learning, where they are paired with a mentor for a few days a week for on the job experience, during which they are paid and credited for.

Alison Willette is a first year culinary student. She said the school has a cafeteria and restaurant called Bistro, where everything is homemade by the culinary students. They make over 20 pizzas every day, and serve food to three different schools.

To learn more about the school, go to or call 860-584-8433.