City offers update on trash collection, post-blizzard


The city Public Works Department issued the following notice regarding trash removal in the city.

“”Public Works will collect rubbish and recycle tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 13) for Monday rubbish routes, and Monday recycle routes (those that would have been collected on Monday Feb. 11). Please have barrels at the street by 6 a.m.

“The remainder of the week’s collection schedule has not been determined yet. We will assess road conditions to determine if collections can take place and what routes will provide enough access. The decision regarding collections will be made day to day.
“Please do not place rubbish or recycle barrels on or behind snow banks or in the street where they would block or inhibit roadway traffic. Our automated collection trucks cannot lift barrels unless they are located on a level, accessible location.

“Public Works appreciates your patience and cooperation as we work to create safe passage and provide services on Bristol’s streets.”