City’s Election Day scenario taking shape


There are officially two candidates running for what will be a vacant mayor seat this upcoming election.
Mayor Art Ward announced last month he will not be seeking re-election, and Republican Councilor Ken Cockayne had already announced a few months ago he would be campaigning for that seat.
However, for the Democrats, City Councilor Kevin Fuller announced he will be seeking the mayoral spot this election as well.
“We need to move our city back into economic recovery and make it stronger than ever before,” Fuller said to his supporters at Nuchie’s in Forestville last week.
Fuller, who works in the Board of Education’s technology department and owns his own ice cream shop in the city, has been a councilor for almost two terms and has held the post of acting mayor, to which he was appointed to after Mayor Art Ward was out of office after being hospitalized.
“From the time he came on the council he wanted to know how, and then he implemented,” Ward said about Fuller at his announcement last week, adding that he appointed Fuller as acting mayor because of “his allegiance and his work ethic.”
“Kevin has a knack to be able to work across the lines” and to make it a point to set out what he needs to do to get things done, Ward said.
Fuller said he wants to “get our city unified again” and to stand-up and buy into the movements to improve Bristol. He said the city needs to support the changes in development, increase the city’s business base, and continue to fund the Board of   Education.
“I, like many of you, am not looking for a tax increase,” Fuller said, adding that helping the students in the city to be successful is a priority. “We shouldn’t shortchange the students because of tough economic times.”
Fuller said his problem solving skills and personality make him the best candidate for mayor, and also his ability to work with everyone, across party lines, to solve problems.
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