Cockayne asks city counsel to look into Historic Register for Boulevard school


According to a press release from his office, Mayor Ken Cockayne has requested the Bristol Corporation Counsel’s office look into the procedures and the benefits of placing the former Memorial Boulevard School on the National Historic Register.

The National Register of Historic Places was created in 1966 by Congress in the National Historic Act.

“The MBS Task Force worked to place this building on the Connecticut Historic Register,” Cockayne, who is running for reelection, said in his press release. “Since we are trying to look into funding options for the renovation of the building placing it on the National Historic Register may open the doors for further grants.”

The decision by the mayor to have the Corporation Counsel’s office look into the feasibility of submitting an application into placing this landmark on the historic registry is the first step in the process, said the release from Cockayne. “Once I have the information, I will send it to the City Council Building Committee to make a recommendation to the full City Council,” Cockayne said in the press release.

“We’ll see where this goes, however it’s a direction I think we need to look into,” said Cockayne.Bristol All Heart