Driftwood performs at Bristol’s Ingraham House on Friday night


Hailing from Binghamton, New York, music scene Driftwood has spent the better part of the past decade carving out a name for themselves by infusing unfiltered folk with a rock and roll spirit. Their live performances, raw sound, and songwriting have helped establish them on the Americana/roots scene. Drawing on aspects of everything from old-time recordings to 1960’s R&B and beyond, Driftwood’s instrumentation of upright bass, banjo, acoustic guitar and violin embodies the spirit of traditional American folk while their melodies, harmonies and lyrics take the listener to a very different place, creating music that’s lovingly familiar yet entirely new all at once.

“We started off playing rock in high school. Then studying jazz and classical music in college. Then we dove headfirst into folk and bluegrass. At some point I guess we kind of met in the middle,” said guitarist/songwriter Dan Forsyth in a press release to promote their upcoming performance at Ingraham House on Friday.

“We recognized early on that one of our strongest points was songwriting. The greatest songs transcend genre and time and this was one of the motivating ideas behind the band at the start”, added banjo player/songwriter Joe Kollar in the press release.

Forsyth, Kollar and violinist Claire Byrne all trade and share lead vocal duties, creating layered harmonies that compliment the music. Watch the video for “Sun’s Going Down” from the album Driftwood at http://youtu.be/PwfV7eA_3bM