All dressed in white… for summer or whenever


Summer weather typically leads to summer fashions.
And because it’s cool in the summer sun as it reflects back that ultraviolet and infrared light our planet’s closest star, whites are a popular choice for a seasonal wardrobe.
There was a time, when tradition dictated, that once Labor Day arrived, the summer whites were folded up and packed away till Memorial Day the following spring. explained, “Back in Emily’s day—the 1900s, 10s and 20s—the summer season was bracketed by Memorial Day and Labor Day. Society flocked en masse from town house to seaside ‘cottage’ or mountain ‘cabin’ to escape the heat. City clothes were left behind in exchange for lighter, whiter, summer costumes. Come fall and the return to the city, summer clothes were put away and more formal city clothes donned once more.”
These days, the dictum is no longer adhered to. And that makes sense in a more modern age. After all, just because September rolls around, this does not mean summer’s heat and summer’s heat has set.
Now’s a good time to hit the stores and stock up on summer whites, which really never go out of style and offer up great investment pieces for future wardrobes… even if you want to wear them before some future Memorial Day or after some future Labor Day.MIS_2473 MIS_1773 MIS_2085 MIS_2371