Fall looks for this year’s brides


Earlier this spring, designers unveiled their fall bridal collections at New York International Bridal Week at Pier 92 in New York City. For the brides ‘saying yes to the dress’ for a fall wedding, these are some of the designs you will see at your selected bridal shops.


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MRS_3107 MRS_3111 MRS_3122 MRS_3126 MRS_3128 MRS_3136 MRS_3140 MRS_3149 MRS_3152 MRS_3171 MRS_3173 MRS_3192 MRS_3195 MRS_3202 MRS_3215 MRS_3223 MRS_3232 MRS_3235 MRS_3237 MRS_3246 MRS_3247 MRS_3251 MRS_3264 MRS_3269 MRS_3271 MRS_3274 MRS_3281 MRS_3283 MRS_3290 MRS_3308 MRS_3316 MRS_3343 MRS_3382 MRS_3405 MRS_3440 MRS_3450 MRS_3494 MRS_3496 MRS_3622 MRS_3624 MRS_3638 MRS_3640 MRS_3648 MRS_3652 MRS_3661 MRS_3664 MRS_3671 MRS_3683 MRS_3687 MRS_3698 MRS_3704 MRS_3712 MRS_3721 MRS_3722 MRS_3728 MRS_3741 MRS_3744 MRS_3749 MRS_3751 MRS_3753 MRS_3760 MRS_3764 MRS_3770 MRS_3783 MRS_3788 MRS_3790