Hurry up! Wait!


Two hours before the models hit the runway, it’s a lot of hurry up and wait backstage at the fashion shows. There is the hustle of getting makeup and hair done, as well as rehearsing the runway choreography. Then the models just wait to step out before the crowd. Here are some  scenes from the Feb. 7 Academy of Art University show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

photos by Mike ChaikenAAU_5653 AAU_5866 AAU_5607 AAU_5612 AAU_5644 AAU_5650 AAU_5592 AAU_5581 AAU_5557 AAU_5555 AAU_5479 AAU_5487 AAU_5506 AAU_5535 AAU_5446 AAU_5442 AAU_5461 AAU_5438 AAU_5373 AAU_5380 AAU_5402 AAU_5410 AAU_5361 AAU_5327 AAU_5316 AAU_5304 AAU_5243 AAU_5251 AAU_5288 AAU_5298 AAU_5233 AAU_5223 AAU_5201