Ready, set… coming soon, new music from The Ready Set

Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set.
Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set.
Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set.

The Ready Set is on the road in a tour that was due to set down in Hartford on Aug. 15.

That was already good news for fans of the band, which in the studio is essentially Jordan Witzigreuter.

But there is other good news for fans.

There’s new music on the way from Jordan.

First of all, on July 24, Jordan announced he’d be releasing an acoustic EP called, “I’ll Be Waiting.” Additionally, his website says a new full-length album also is on the way.

As Jordan hits the road, The Observer caught up with him via email.

Observer: Okay… first of all, I saw you just released the acoustic EP as a way to hold fans over till your new album is done. Why did you want to do that for the fans? And acoustic is kind of a different side of you, what did you like about taking this approach to your music?

Jordan: It felt like it had been too long since I put anything new out, and I know a lot of my fans have had pretty positive reactions to acoustic shows I’ve played. I think it’s a good switch up, it’s fun, and it’s almost like a bridge. The new album is going to sound like what mixing older electronic TRS stuff with this acoustic EP would be like.


O: Also, your website says that you are working on a new album. What’s the status of it… and when are you hoping to get it to the fans.

J: It’s done and mixed. I’m pulling for it to come out ASAP but there is always red tape with labels and stuff. Fall is when I have my sights set on it.


O: What kinds of things were you trying to do with the new album… are you trying anything new to build upon where you have been creatively with previous efforts?

J: I wanted to get away from the standard super electronic dance-style songs that are everywhere. I put out “Give Me Your Hand” last year, and I think that song is probably the extent of that style for me. The new album is all just TRS. A lot more real instruments. Still pop and upbeat, but more definitively me just kinda doing my thing.


O: What kinds of things are inspiring the songs you’re picking for the album?

J: I’ve written 75-plus songs over the past couple years, and I feel like they were all a learning experience for me. Writing that much music really gave me the opportunity to hash out the exact style, sounds, and stories that I want for this album. I think it’s so important for albums to flow from song to song, and have a consistent feeling throughout. Pop albums sometimes don’t have that- it sometimes seems like an album is just a handful of songs that might make the cut as singles, and the actual entire collection of songs isn’t thought out as a whole body of work. I don’t want to be that. It could be me just entirely over-thinking it, but that sort of thing stuck with me since I started listening to music.


O: What do you think fans will like about the next album from The Ready Set?

J: To me, it’s everything that makes TRS what it is. It’s a bit more distinct than some of my older stuff. Its pop, but in a sort of different way. I’m just really excited about it.


O: And it’s been a couple of years since “I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming,” how do you think the band has evolved?

J: It’s better in every way. After all the touring, you really learn how to interact with crowds the right way, how to sing better, perform better, etc etc. And after all the writing, you learn how to make songs the best they can be. It’s always a progression. My guess would be, two years after this album comes out, I’ll probably say the same thing.

O: The tour that brings you to Hartford started on Wednesday. What excites you about this particular opportunity to play for fans and to tour with We the Kings?

J: I’m stoked. WTK are friends of mine, so the tour has been really fun so far. It’s a diverse lineup as well. A little bit of everything. I think everyone on the package is playing to new fans, and that’s all you can ask for.


The Ready Set and We The Kings perform at The Webster Theater in Hartford on Aug. 15. For details, go to or