Stranger on the beach inspires Life of Dillon

Life of Dillon opens for Meghan Trainor at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Sept. 7.

A mysterious stranger on a beach gave David Keiffer and brothers Joe and Robert Griffith a name for their band.
And it gave them a philosophy by which to live their lives—thereby inspiring their musical sound.
That stranger’s name was Dillon. And Life of Dillon is the name he lent to the band.
Life of Dillon, which has a big hit with their single “Overload,” comes to Connecticut when they open for Meghan Trainor (“All About That Bass”) on her MTrain Tour, which  has been rescheduled for Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 7.
In a phone interview with the three members of the UK trio, the members explained they had gone on vacation to Brazil. They said they needed a break from the recording studio… where they were preparing the songs that would become part of their EP, “Prologue” and a future album.
While in Brazil, the members said they went to the beach and met a guy on the sand. His laid back style and take it easy attitude was the complete opposite of what the band’s life had become.
The members looked at this “beach bum” and decided that was what they wanted to do with their lives. They just didn’t want to grind away in the studio They wanted to live on the beach and enjoy paradise.
They wanted to live the “Life of Dillon.”
And with that thought in their heads, the band now had a name.
That easy, breezy life style of Dillon spills over into the music performed by David, Joe, and Robert. The sound of Life of Dillon is a mix of acoustic instruments (including the regular contribution of a banjo) accompanied by an electronic dance beat.
The sound of Life of Dillon comes from many different directions, explained David, Joe, and Robert. They like heavy hip-hop, R&B, “screeching” music, and more broadly just about any kind of music they can get their hands onto. Also their backgrounds from Brazil and a residency in Nigeria figure into the sound.
For the EP “Prologue,” not only does Life of Dillon offer up a couple of their own songs such as “Overload,” they tackled an oldie but goodie cover song. They perform “A Little Bit of Soul” (from 1964) by a pretty much forgotten garage band from Ohio called The Music Explosion.
The band said they wanted to include a song on the EP that would be familiar to some listeners. But they wanted a song where they had the flexibility of putting their own spin on the track… and thereby offer it up to a new generation of listeners.
And “A Little of Soul’ fit that bill.
Right now, the band is touring behind its EP “Prologue,” but David, Joe, and Robert said a full length is in the wings. The EP was released first to slowly help Life of Dillon build an audience first . But, the trio said fans should expect the full album out sometime later this year.
When audiences come out to the Meghan Trainor show, and see Life of Dillon take the stage, the trio said their mission is to get the fans to enjoy themselves with their high energy set worthy of the best parties.
And when Life of Dillon takes a bow, don’t run out to the refreshment stands just yet. The members said they make it a point to head on out to the merchandise table and meet with the fans and chat.
Life of Dillon opens for Meghan Trainor on Monday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m. Also on the bill is Who Is Fancy. Tickets are $45.

This is the rescheduled date from July 4, which was cancelled when Meghan Trainor was ordered to rest her voice for two nights.

Life of Dillon opens for Meghan Trainor at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Sept. 7.
Life of Dillon opens for Meghan Trainor at the Mohegan Sun Arena on Sept. 7.

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