The Band Perry takes on a new dimension

The Band Perry performs Friday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena.

As The Band Perry prepares for the release of its next album, the group has sent out into the world its first single from the upcoming effort, “Live Forever.”
Although their previous album, “Pioneer,” moved the sibling trio into a more rock and roll territory—complete with a wardrobe full of leather, “Live Forever” definitely is a 180 turnabout from their self-titled debut, which offered a more bluegrass, country sound– as best represented by the single, “If I Die Young.”
The Band Perry comes to Connecticut on Friday night.
The new video for “Live Forever” also places the band in a more modern setting with lots of vibrant colors, color lasers, and a wardrobe best described as contemporary streetwear.
To top it off, the track has a hook that won’t leave your head.
“It’s the first thing that really resonated (from the album),” said Reid Perry, who is joined in the band by his siblings, Kimberly and Neil. Reid said the band realized the song— which was written by the Perry siblings with Jenna Andrews, Nadir Khayat, Jakke Erixson, Karl-Ola Kjellhol— had a “powerful melody.”
“It’s one of those songs that by the second chorus (you know it) because the melody is so catchy,” said Reid.
The song, though, said Reid, is not everything it seems. He classified it as “Southern gothic.” There is a slightly darker side to the song, although the outcome is all good. It’s about tragedy and how once you make it out intact, “You feel so alive. You feel completely invincible.”
“Live Forever” also got a boost when Lady Gaga served up a thumb’s up Tweet about the song.
“I love @RedOne_Official and @TheBandPerry thank you for the ammaazzzing new single,” wrote Lady Gaga on Twitter Aug. 18
“That was really cool,” said Reid of the plug by Lady Gaga.
“I love how country music is supportive of each other,” said Reid. “But to have an artist outside of country (show support)… was special.”
Reid, however, explained that the relationship between The Band Perry and Lady Gaga goes much deeper than just the Tweet.
Reid said when The Band Perry was recording its new album, Lady Gaga was recording in the studio next door.
“She stopped by and we played ‘Live Forever’ for her,” said Reid. After the song faded out, Reid said Lady Gaga said she liked it. But she added it needed more of Neil’s mandolin. Reid said his brother – who plays the mandolin for The Band Perry— seemed to grow another six inches with that compliment.
Reid said the band is excited about the album from which “Live Forever” is drawn.
“We had the best time making this album,’ said Reid.
The band’s last album, “Pioneer,” was tough to record, said Reid. Sophomore albums typically are.
The story goes that a band has its entire existence to write its first album. But then a band has only a couple of months after its initial success to write a follow-up.
But before the band recorded the new album, Reid said they took some much needed time off. And then when they regrouped to prepare the new album, their goal was to write the best Band Perry record possible.
The single “Live Forever” has a more pop feel. Does the rest of the yet-to-be released album follow suit?
Reid said, “We love big drum beats (like those on ‘Live Forever’).” And there are other songs of that ilk on the album, songs that will get the band and audience pumped up during a live show. (Reid said the band was influenced by Queen this time around for some of the songs.) But there also are some classic Band Perry-type songs (like “If I Die Young”) as well.
Additionally, this time around the band’s visual image has changed to something more colorful.
“We have an image in our head,” said Reid of how The Band Perry carries itself visually. For the band’s first album, he said, the band took on a more country fair/ Main Street appearance. For “Pioneer,” he said, the band went more rock roll with a lot of black leather.
For “Live Forever,” Reid said, the band went for a much more colorful palette. “We were just so happy,” said Reid of the reason for the burst of hues. In the video for “Live Forever,” the color yellow dominates. He said yellow was chosen because “the color was the complete opposite of black leather.” Plus, he said, yellow resembled the feelings that were in the band’s heads.
The Perry siblings have evolved through the years since their self-titled debut.
Some of it is more visible, explained Reid, such as the hair and their wardrobe. But some of it is deeper.
“We did start young,’ said Reid. “Our (musical) tastes have evolved.”
Additionally, he said, the three siblings have grown more bold over time. “We feel like we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
The band feels they should be proud of everything they put out, said Reid.
The Band Perry is coming to Connecticut for a live show at the Mohegan Sun.
“For us, we love to play live,” said Reid.
“When we write, we think of our live performance… and how to give people the best time they can have and have fun,” said Reid. For The Band Perry, the goal is to turn each live show into one “gigantic sing-a-long.”
“It’s very energetic show,” said Reid.
The Band Perry performs Friday, Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville. Tickets are $49 and $29 and are available at or at 1-800-745-3000.

The Band Perry performs Friday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena.
The Band Perry performs Friday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena.
The Band Perry performs Friday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena.
The Band Perry performs Friday night at the Mohegan Sun Arena.