Firehouse for Co. 5 to get upgrades, legislators announce


Leading the Bristol delegation, State Representative Cara Pavalock (R-77) announced she, along with State Representative Whit Betts (R-78) and State Senator Henri Martin (R-31), have secured a $260,000 grant for improvements and renovations to the Engine Company 5 firehouse. The upgrades to the property on Mix Street will include electrical and plumbing improvements and facilities for female firefighters.

The State Bond Commission announced this award as part of a round of grants and loans that will be awarded to urban development projects across the state.

“I am encouraged that this grant will be used to invest in Bristol’s public safety through necessary upgrades at the Engine 5 firehouse,” said Pavalock, according to a press release from the Republicans. “Our female firefighters deserve to work in a firehouse that provides for their safety and needs, and this grant does just that. I thank the governor, Republican leadership and all of those involved in this grant process for improving the lives of these women who serve in public safety. This is a step forward in ensuring that those who protect the lives and property of the citizens of Bristol have the adequate facilities in which to work.”

Betts said, according to the press release, “The need and priority for upgrading the infrastructure at Engine Firehouse #5 was brought to our attention by Fire Chief Jay Kolakoski and Mayor (Ken) Cockayne. The awarding of this state grant reflects the respect and support elected and government officials have for the men and women who wear the uniform of public safety officers. Obtaining state grants is difficult given the number of requests and that is why I want to extend my thanks to the governor and to the members on the bond commission who were responsible for making this grant aid available. In particular, I would like to thank State Representatives Betty Boukus (D-Plainville), and Livvy Floren (R-Greenwich) for their leadership in obtaining the necessary support for this very important project.”

“Bristol firefighters make tremendous sacrifices to keep us safe, and we must do all we can to help them do their jobs,” said Martin in the press release. “We appreciate the responsiveness of state officials who understand the need for these upgrades. I thank all of my colleagues in the Bristol delegation for working together to make our community safer, and I thank the governor for approving these funds.”

The Bristol Fire Department provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the city of Bristol, Connecticut through the use of 88 career personnel. Engine 5 is dedicated to the Edgewood section of Bristol.Betts.Pavalock.Firehouse