From the Bristol Boys and Girls Club about the events in Newtown


The Bristol Boys and Girls Club forwarded this letter to the Observer…

Newtown, Ct : Our commitment


We, like millions of people on the face of this earth, can make no sense of what occurred in a small town in America a few days ago. Young children and loving adults, like bright candles in this holiday season, were extinguished by an icy wind that came from neither east or west, nor north or south; rather a place where few of us can imagine or envision. Our eyes resist, then give in to tears for the lives of those that were lost, and those loving lives that are left to mourn forever. Mothers and fathers, families and friends, we have no words that can relight those candles or bring back their warmth. Your eyes will never again see the glow of their beauty, but we pray that you will always feel their warmth and guiding lights within your hearts.

In such a tragic time, there is only one road for us to travel, one commitment to collectively make. That commitment is to love more deeply, to care more frequently and to realize that we must be responsible. We must be responsible not only to be prepared for the possibility of the icy winds of the world we live in, but the responsibility and urgency to create a world where such winds can never again blow, never again destroy the lives of beautiful innocent human beings.

We pray for those who have departed, we pray for those who loved them who are left behind. And we promise you that we will do all that is humanly possible to build a world that sails on the winds of love and kindness.

Michael Suchopar

Executive Director

 Boys & Girls Club

 and Family Center of Bristol