More weekend snow, but northern New England looks targeted for worst of it



The northern part of New England looks to be targeted for another nasty snow storm. But from central Connecticut, south, the snow looks to be wet and heavy but accumulating only 1 to 3 inches, according to Accuweather.

State College, Pa. — 22 February reports the third storm in as many weekends is on the way for New England and can bring a fresh foot of snow to some areas.

While rain will dominate the storm along the South Coast and will occur in part in central areas early, enough snow will fall Saturday night into Sunday to cause travel disruptions, power outages and foiled plans.

As the storm strengthens, colder air will invade the storm and winds will pick up substantially in southeastern areas.

Taken separately, this storm will not rank anywhere close to the worst of them. However, added in with the other storms this month, including the blizzard on Feb. 8 and 9, it will try the patience of many hardy New Englanders.

The storm has the potential to bring a foot of snow from part of northern Connecticut and northwestern Rhode Island through central Massachusetts, southeastern New Hampshire and southern Maine.

For New England, the snow will be wet and heavy in south but will trend drier and more powdery farther north. Where the snow clings to trees and power lines, increasing wind Saturday night into Sunday can lead to power outages.

In what started as another lost winter in terms of snowfall and temperature, February 2013 is making up for lost time in New England. Some cities, including Boston, have this month in the running for their snowiest February on record and already well within the top ten.

Mounting Problems

Winter maintenance budgets are being stretched to the max.

Finding places to put the additional snow as the storms continue is becoming increasingly difficult. Piles of snow near intersections, at the end of driveways and in parking lots are creating hazards. Line of sight for motorists and pedestrians is being hindered. Patches of ice due to freeze/thaw cycles can lead to slip-and-fall incidents.

While strong wind from the blizzard pushed snow off most roofs in the region, the snow load on some roofs was uneven. Where the snow has remained on roofs, the added weight from ongoing rain and snow events could lead to failure. As the snow continues to gain mass by absorbing rain or additional snowfall (no, the pattern will not end with this weekend’s storm), the risk of flooding from rapid runoff increases for a date later in this season or during the spring.

Fun in the Snow

Many businesses and workers that rely on snow in the winter to survive are having a bumper month.

For those who love to play in the snow, this weekend will offer more opportunities for skiing, snowmobiling, tubing, sleighing and boarding.

More to Come

There is no sign of spring for New England through next week. The pattern looks cold through the first part of March.

For those wanting a break, the siege of storms will not stop with this weekend.

The next storm is not likely to wait until next weekend. The storm for the middle of next week could target areas with heavy snow farther west and north in the northeast than its predecessors.

However, in keeping up with tradition, yet another snowfall could target coastal areas next weekend as well.

For those heading to the South for Spring Break, a chill will settle as far south as Florida and much of the Gulf Coast into early March.

Details will unfold in the coming days for the new storms and cold weather lurking on the horizon.

By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist for