Police commission distributes awards


At the July 21 meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners, several awards and commendations were distributed, including one set of awards that were associated with a murder investigation in Massachusetts.

Bristol Police Dispatcher Laurie Parker received a Letter of Commendation.

Bristol Police officers Eric Hanson and Mark McGrane received the Department Silver Star Award/ Officer of the Month.

Bristol Police detectives Peter Dauphinais and Garrie Dorman received the Department Silver Star Award/ Officer of the Month.

According to documents provided by the department:

A narrative from the police department explained, “On June 17, 2013, the North Attleboro, Mass. Police Department and Massachusetts State Police requested the assistance of the Bristol Police Department in a high profile murder case, which appeared to have suspect connections to Bristol. Bristol Detectives Garrie Dorman and Peter Dauphinais were assigned as the primary detective liaisons to the Massachusetts Police agencies involved in the investigation.”

The narrative explained, “Detectives Dorman and Dauphinais provided valuable assistance in identifying two suspects who were later arrested and charged with the murder. They also were able to develop leads and identify potential witnesses and others with knowledge of the murder. Over the next 22 months, Detectives Dorman and Dauphinais spent many hours conducting interviews and surveillance as well as applying for, and executing multiple search warrants in Bristol to locate evidence of the crime.”

“The combined knowledge of both detectives and their ability to coordinate the efforts with the Massachusetts Police agencies proved invaluable to the murder investigation,” the narrative explained.

“The North Attleboro Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police praised both detectives for their professional skills and invaluable assistance provided to their investigation and subsequent conviction,” said the police department documents. “For their exceptional performance and devotion to duty, which brought public credit to the Bristol Police Department, detectives Garrie Dorman and Peter Dauphinais are hereby awarded the Department Silver Star and Officer of the Month Awards.”

“On May 3, 2015, dispatcher Laurie Parker received a 911 call from an address on Ridge Road from a female stating that her son was intoxicated and in the bathtub turning blue. Dispatcher Parker then spoke to the son of the unconscious party, who agreed to attempt CPR in an effort to save his father’s life. At this point, police and EMS were dispatched to the address on a lights and sirens response.”

The police department narrative explained: “The son stated to Dispatcher Parker that his father wasn’t breathing. The son was given instructions to remove his father from the bathtub and lay him flat on his back. With Dispatcher Parker’s assistance, the son was able to get his father in the proper position and properly administer CPR. Compressions were continued until officers arrived on scene and took over lifesaving efforts. The patient was transported to the Emergency Room where a pulse and blood pressure were detected indicating that there was life. The patient was transferred to a trauma center via helicopter for advanced care.”

The narrative explained the victim did not survive. “However, the pre-arrival instructions given by dispatcher Laurie Parker allowed the son to make a valiant and necessary effort to save his father’s life.”

“For her quick thinking and outstanding work performance, which is an example to others, placing the Bristol Police Department in a positive light, Dispatcher Laurie Parker is hereby awarded the Letter of Commendation,” said the police department documents.

Additionally, the police department honored McGrane and Hanson because “on June 3, 2015, officers from the Bristol Police Department responded to a report of a stabbing at a residence on Stafford Avenue. Prior to the officers’ arrival at the scene, the armed assailant fled on foot.”

“During the course of the investigation, several hours later,” the narrative explained, “Officers McGrane and Hanson heard branches breaking in the woods behind the residence. Believing that it may have been the felony suspect wanted for the stabbing, both officers entered the wooded area to further investigate. Upon entering the woods in the area of the noises, officers McGrane and Hanson identified themselves as police officers. The person in the woods, who was identified as the felony suspect responded to the officers that he would not comply with their requests to surrender unless the officers killed him.

The narrative stated, “Officers McGrane and Hanson were able to track the suspect in the woods and subsequently take him into custody without any harm to them or the suspect. Through their initiative and diligence, Officers McGrane and Hanson caused a felon to be apprehended who might otherwise have gone undetected.”

Police department documents said, “Officers McGrane and Hanson showed great restraint and performed their tasks admirably and with devotion to duty, which has brought public credit to the Bristol Police Department. For their service, Officers Mark McGrane and Eric Hanson are hereby awarded Department Silver Star and Officer of the Month Awards.”bristol-police_dl_16-x-9