Police report Sunday morning double stabbing


Police are investigating an early Sunday morning stabbing on Surrey Drive and Bianca Road.

Police reported that on Sunday at 3:32 a.m., police were called to the Bristol Hospital Emergency Room to interview two males with apparent knife wounds.

Police said one victim, 31, had a minor laceration to one of his arms. Police said the victim refused treatment and left the hospital prior to the police arrival.

The second male was 20 years old and was also very uncooperative with the police, a news release from the department stated..

Police said the second man told officers that he and “his associate” were in a parking lot of the apartment complex located in the area of Surrey Drive and Bianca Road.

Police said they were told that at one point there was a disturbance with a car load of people and a black male slashed them with a weapon believed to be a box cutter.  The victim suffered a one inch laceration to the corner of his mouth that required sutures, said police.  

The second victim who was interviewed at the hospital also was “very uncooperative and vague” in his version of what took place in the altercation, said police. The victim gave the police a very vague description of the area where the alleged fight took place and the officers were unable to find the scene or locate any witnesses, said police.

As of Sunday morning, police said the incident is under investigation.