Special council meeting regarding Boulevard School

A special meeting will be held by the council Wednesday regarding Memorial Boulevard School.
Councilor Ellen Zoppon, in an emailed statement wrote, “I encourage anyone who is available and interested in the fate of the former MBS school to attend this week’s special City Council meeting, this Wednesday, July 22 at 6 p.m., to be part of the council proceedings concerning the next steps for the former school.”
Zoppo, who leads the task force, continued: “The Task Force will be looking for buy-in from the elected officials concerning the scope and direction of the recommendations, as well as the release of the $400,000 in engineering dollars that will allow the Task Force to move toward detailed design and construction drawingsĀ  which will then reflect real costs for the proposed Phase 1 as opposed to the estimated costs that were part of the conditions assessment that was done last winter.”
“We know that there are many people who are following this issue, and many who support the recommendations,” stated Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, the chair of the Task Force. “It would be great to see some of these people invest an hour of their Wed. night to come and show support, ask questions to better understand, or just sit in the air-conditioned Council Chambers and listen to the discussion.”
There will be public participation for anyone who wishes to share their thoughts on the proposal.

All of the MBS Task Force’s work may be found on the city website under www.bristolct.gov/mbstf.