Stefanowski concedes Connecticut’s gubernatorial race




Just after 9 a.m. this morning, Bob Stefanowski and Joe Markley conceded the gubernatorial and lieutenant governor races to Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz, respectively.

“I called Ned Lamont to concede the race for governor and congratulate him on a hard-fought victory,” Stefanowski said in a campaign press release. “While this is not the result we would have hoped for, I am glad that we were able to draw so much attention to the tax burden in this state”

Lamont was already leading the race with 642,984 votes (47.15 percent) with 94.62 percent of the precincts reporting. Stefanowski garnered 617,831 votes (45.30 percent) according to the Connecticut Secretary of State website.

“After a long campaign, he could not have been more gracious, and I could not be more appreciative,” Lamont said in a press release from his party headquarters. “I look forward to working with him, because we all need to come together—regardless of party—to solve our state’s biggest challenges.”

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