Streets slated for resurfacing


The City of Bristol is scheduled to start Phase II of the roadway resurfacing program on Sept. 15.

As part of the program the following streets will be milled and resurfaced:

Woodland Street

James P Casey Road (Baldwin Drive – Perkins Street)

Perkins Street (Tanglewood Rd to Pinehurst Street)

Boardman Street

Brook Street (Stafford Ave to Farmington Ave)

Mark Street

Paul Street

South Street Extension

East Road (Greystone Avenue to Willis Street)

Eastview Road

Elizabeth Road

Frederick Street (Bridge Area)

The work in most areas will be completed in two phases. The initial phase will consist of milling off the existing bituminous pavement along the edge of the road. The second phase will consist of installing a new bituminous roadway surface and will commence shortly after phase one. Once construction is complete, the city will restore affected areas by loaming, seeding, and repairing walkways, and driveway aprons.

There may be minor traffic delays during construction, however the road will remain open for mail delivery, emergency vehicles, and local traffic at all times. Temporary “No Parking” signs will be posted as needed during construction.

If you should have questions or concerns about this project, please feel free to contact Raymond A Rogozinski, P.E. Assistant City Engineer at (860)584-6113.

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