Victim dies after two-vehicle accident on Waterbury Road


A 68-year-old man from Bristol is dead after a two-vehicle accident that took place on Waterbury Road last Thursday.

According to a press release from the Bristol Police Department, Scott Duel died last Friday at St. Mary’s Hospital where he suffered head, neck and back injuries. Last Thursday, a transport van traveling east on Waterbury Road drove into the back of an unoccupied Bristol-Terryville septic tank truck that was parked along the curb line, police reported in a press release. The van serves as a transport vehicle for Community Resources, Inc., a facility for people with disabilities.
The van was occupied by the driver and three passengers, two of which had to be extricated by the Bristol Fire Department after getting trapped inside, according to the release. The driver, 24-year-old Kasiana Goodman of Waterbury, who is pregnant, was sent to St. Mary’s Hospital to receive treatment for a head contusion, the release said. Duell, along with another passenger, Jonathon Meckenna, also were sent to St. Mary’s Hospital.

Another passenger, 42-year-old Michael Parenty, was sent to the hospital for treatment even though he had no apparent injury, the release said.