Workforce Development Program reps welcomed by legislators

Bristol legislators hosted a Coffee Hour Feb. 6 at Rodd’s Restaurant. Residents met Rep. Whit Betts, Rep. Cara Pavalock, and Sen. Henri Martin in a relaxed setting and discussed any issues they wished to talk about. Those who could not attend may contact the legislators at,, and By phone, Martin can be reached at (860)240-0022. Betts and Pavalock can be reached at 800-842-1423. From the left, Rep. Whit Betts, Rodd’s Restaurant owner Gina Legnani-Pellrine, Rep. Cara Pavalock, and Sen. Henri Martin

Last month, State Representatives Whit Betts (R-78) and Cara Pavalock (R-77) welcomed members of the Workforce Development Program to the State Capitol. Employed by Rowley Springs And Stamping Corp. in Bristol, the group was introduced by Betts and Pavalock on the floor of the House of Representatives, where they were given a warm welcome by legislators in the chamber. The purpose of the group’s visit to the Capitol was to bring awareness and recognition to the Workforce Development program and highlight the successes of the adult education program. According to the company’s website, numerous participants have entered the program having been on unemployment for many years, and through the program, are able to learn and develop specialized skill sets and secure a job upon graduation, making them no longer dependent on government support to sustain themselves. Rowley Spring and Stamping specializes in custom manufacturing of springs, stampings, wireforms, and tape and