Former Blue Knight transformed into a wrestling monster

Former Blue Knight Spencer Charette is still amazing crowds as “Wrecking Ball Legursky.”

Former football standout Spencer Charette stifled opponents as an offensive lineman for Southington High School and Southern Connecticut State University and manhandled opponents on the mat as a two-time Class LL medalist in wrestling.

Now, the Southington native has found a new field to dominate the competition: professional wrestling, where he competes as “Wrecking Ball Legursky.”

His next match will be at Northeast Wrestling’s Wrestling Under the Stars Tour Friday, July 28 at Muzzy Field in Bristol. Legursky will compete alongside WWE stars Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger, as well as Hall of Famers Kevin Nash and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

Northeast Wrestling provided the following promotional interview with Spencer:

Question: What made you want to pursue a career in professional wrestling?

Spencer: I’ve always watched wrestling growing up, and once I finished my college football career, I knew it was now or never to start training. I knew I would have regret if I didn’t become a wrestler, and I thought that I had the possibility to make a living off of it based on my size and athletic ability.

Q: How did Spencer Charette become Wrecking Ball Legursky?

S: Through all of my athletic activities, I’ve been very physical and straightforward. Whenever I beat anyone, whether it was football or amateur wrestling, it wasn’t because of catch skill, it was brute power. To develop my character, I naturally progressed to an amplified version of who I am as an athlete. I’m a 6’ 6”, well-over 400 pound, unstoppable force to be WRECKoned with.

Q: What are your memories of Muzzy Field as a high school football player, and what does it mean to come back to wrestle at the stadium?

S: Bristol Central was always [Southington’s] heated rival. During a game in 2006, which took place on my birthday, we were down at halftime, but shut them down in the second half for the comeback win. Bristol Central’s team that year was known as one of their best-ever. After I successfully blocked their top defensive end, they lined him up on the other side every snap. We won with physical domination, not finesse. To me, [Friday’s event] is another chance to show my domination. It was hostile territory in the past, it’ll be hostile territory again, and that’s fine with me.

Q: What are your short and long-term goals in professional wrestling?

S: My immediate goal is to win the Northeast Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. It’s very prestigious, having been held by Bam Bam Bigelow, Sycho Sid, and now Cody Rhodes. Having my name mentioned with those all-time greats would be a huge honor. Ultimately, I want to go to WWE and wrestle on national television.

Fans will have the opportunity to meet Legursky and all the stars Friday at a special pre-show autograph signing at 4:30 p.m., with the event at Muzzy Field, Bristol to follow at 8. Tickets start at $10, and can be purchased both at and at the door that night.