Swim-a-thon raises $1,138

Southington High School swimming and diving captains display their $1,138 donation to the American Parkinson Disease Association. (Submitted photo)

The Southington boys swimming captains, led by Derek Melanson, designed a swim-a-thon for the team and collected $1,138 to donate to the American Parkinson Disease Association.  They picked this charity in honor of Derek’s grandfather, Art Repak, who is currently ailing from this disease.

The captains include Brian Egan, Gianna Wodowski, Derek Melanson, Kyle Buchanan, Tyler Heidgerd, Ben Raggozine and Jon Cocchiola.

“For all their accolades in the pool, I am most proud of the work that they have done out of the pool,” head coach Evan Tuttle said.  “This year’s captains and team as a whole took it upon themselves to organize a swim-a-thon fundraiser in order to bring resources and attention to Parkinsons.  It is not easy to step outside of oneself and to put the well-being and interest of others ahead of one’s own, especially at such a young age. The selflessness that these young men and women possess is truly inspiring.”