They’re a bunch of Tramps




BRISTOL – The Bristol Tramps Sports Reunion is dedicated to the people of our community (sponsors, participants and supporters) who promote and engage in sports in Bristol, Connecticut.

For 46 years, the Tramps have been Helping Preserve Bristol’s Sports History.

You’ve heard about Bristol Tramps before but what is the organization really all about?

Who makes up the Tramps and how does the committee select individuals that are honored each year?

And what else are the Tramps doing in the community this coming year?

The Bristol Observer recently caught up with Bristol Tramps Chairman Sean Moore and spoke a little about the group and what they are about:

Bristol Observer: When people think about the Bristol Tramps organization, the yearly dinner is the one thing that comes to mind. But aren’t the Tramps more than just the one dinner a year?

Sean Moore: The Bristol Tramps Sports Reunion annual dinner has been a Bristol tradition since it began in 1970. The dinner attendance has grown significantly over the years and we can expect more than 350 guests at the upcoming event on Friday, April 7. Although we are primarily recognized for this event, our Board of Directors is actively discussing other ways we can be more involved as an organization in the community.

Bristol Observer: Who makes up the Bristol Tramps? Is it a large group of individuals?

Sean Moore: The Bristol Tramps is comprised of 19 directors. Five directors comprise the executive committee and there are seven standing committees; each having a chairperson. Every director is responsible for participating in one or more of those committees. We are fortunate to have a talented group of dedicated women and men who have a proven track record of success in the private and public sector and members who have been involved in Bristol athletics over the years.

Bristol Observer: How does the Tramps organization differ from the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame?

Sean Moore: The Bristol Sports Hall of Fame is an excellent sports organization comprised of a great group of directors most of whom I have known personally for many years. I believe our goals and missions are similarly aligned. Both organizations were created to formally recognize individuals, teams, and organizations while also providing financial support in the form of scholarships and donations.

Bristol Observer: What’s the process the Tramps go through in selecting individuals to honor every year?

Sean Moore: One of the standing committees is the Award Nominations Review Committee. That group is responsible for screening all nominations for awards and present their recommendations to the Board of Directors. We then vote as a group and name the award winners for the upcoming event.

Bristol Observer: Recently, Coach Dan Valerio

passed away and the Tramps are going to be presenting a donation in his honor. How important was coach to the Tramps?

Sean Moore: Coach Valerio was the compass we followed with regard to the spirit and direction of The Bristol Tramps. His civic contributions to the city of Bristol, Saint Anthony Church, Little League and our organization were significant, many of which we will never know. Coach was not an individual who sought recognition. He went out and did whatever it took to obtain the desired outcome. He will be missed but his spirit will live on through his son Daniel’s involvement in our organization. The Bristol Tramps are making a donation in his honor to the Ed Beardsley Challenger Discovery Program, a program that has been supported by his daughter Dee for many years.

Bristol Observer: What should we expect from the Tramps in the future?

Sean Moore: This organization was founded 46 years ago. As a board, our foremost responsibility is to preserve the rich tradition and mission of The Bristol Tramps. Along with that responsibility comes the opportunity to evaluate how we can potentially broaden our scope of involvement and add value in the community. As we proceed through the evaluation process, I am confident that we will identify activities/events that we can embrace and successfully support.


Who exactly makes up the Bristol Tramps?

Here’s a rundown of the Tramp’s current (and ever-growing) roster:


2016-2017 – Bristol Tramps Board of Directors

Kathy Archibald

Tony Carrier – Co-Chairman

Lance Chase

Armand Choiniere

Gary Fleming

David Greenleaf

Maryellen Holden – Secretary

Beth Lafferty

Michael Letendre

John Lodovico

Sean Moore – Chairman

Spec Monico

Bob Montgomery

Frank Owsianko

Donna Papazian

Byron Pierce

Joseph Tavera – Treasurer

Daniel Valerio, Jr.

Carolyn Ziogas – Executive Director and Legal Advisorbristol-tramps